Live2D Creative Awards 2021

Contest Outline

Dear Creators

「Live2 D Creative Awards」is an annual contest in which the quality of the original work created using Live2D competes with each other.
The contest, which started in 2014, marks its eighth anniversary this year as it expands its size every year.

You can apply for any genre of work such as「Video」,「Moving Illustration」,or 「Game」, 「Character or Avatar」if you use Live2D.

In order to increase the opportunity for future Live2D creators to see the light of day, we have expanded the scope of the student award and increased the power of the contest.

Many of our past winners have made their career as professional Live2D creators. We are looking forward to seeing great works from around the world and witnessing the birth of this year’s world’s best Live2D creator.

Live2D Creative Awards Team (2021/07/19)

Awards and Prize

  • Grand Prix 1


  • 映像表現作品賞 1名


  • インタラクティブ作品賞 1名


  • Live2Dモデル賞 1名


  • Live2Dアート賞 1名


  • 学生賞 大学・専門学生の部 1名


  • 学生賞 高校生以下の部 1名


  • 参加賞 参加者の中から抽選で10名



Entry Period:

July 19th (Mon) - November 15th (Mon) 2021 - 23:59 Japan Time

Award Announcement:

To be announced within 2021

Call for Entry:

Original works created with Live2D Cubism.​ ​
The categories of the submitted entries will be changed according to the contents.

Video Expression Award:
Evaluate based on the beauty of animation images and the new expression techniques of Live2D.
We are waiting for the entries of story-worthy works, music videos, PVs, etc.

Interactive Award:
Evaluate based on how creative it is and has originality created with Live2D.
It can be any genre or in the middle of production, applied technology introduction, etc.

Live2D Model Award:
Evaluate based on the designability and range of motion of the Live2D model.
It can also be an existing model already in use.
Please post a video that appeals to your own Live2D model.

Live2D Art Award:
Evaluate based on how expressive it is, including the background as a Live2D illustration.​ ​
Even if it's difficult to produce a full-length animation, you can try to make an animation from only one illustration.
A loop video will also be fine.

Key Rules:
  • There is no particular theme or concept required. Please create your work freely to your imagination.​ ​
  • You can use any version of Live2D Cubism, FREE, or PRO.
  • Use of Live2D can be partial but should be PRIMARY. You are welcome to integrate it with other visual elements, like Unity, AfterEffects, 3D.
  • You can use sample models provided by Live2D Inc. or assets you purchased at Nizima (terms conditions of each asset applies)
    Sample Models
  • For an interactive content, it can be either a captured video or a brief introduction video.
  • Your work must be less than 5 minutes.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • In addition to the overall selection of the submitted works, only students will be re-selected within the student award range.
How to Enter:

Create work using Live2D Cubism, post your work on one of the following platforms: YouTube, Twitter, bilibili or Weibo. And fill out an entry form with the video URL.

When you post on YouTube or bilibili, you must include "Live2D_2021" in the title of your work, and when you post on Twitter, you must include "#Live2D_2021" in the contents of your post. When you post on Weibo, you must include "#Live2D_2021#" in the contents of your post.

Process of Entry

  • Indie or Professional (but not business entity)
  • All ages, all nations and all professions.
  • You may participate as a group or an individual.
Judging Criteria:
  • Work communicates the characteristic and potential of Live2D.
  • Work features attractive 2D graphics.

Feel free to ask us any questions!
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