Live2D Creative Awards 2021

Process of Entry

Process of Entry

1.Create original work with Live2D Cubism.

*For instructions on how to use Live2D, please refer to User Support.
*You can use any version of Live2D Cubism, FREE, or PRO
*You can use sample models provided by Live2D Inc. or assets you purchased at Nizima (terms ​ conditions of each asset applies)

2. Post your work on one of the platforms: YouTube, Twitter, bilibili or Weibo.

- When you post on YouTube or bilibili, you must include "Live2D_2021" in the title of your work.
- When you post on Twitter , you must include "#Live2D_2021" in the contents of your post. When you post on Weibo, you must include "#Live2D_2021#" in the contents of your post.​ ​

- You may submit entries with videos which you post on platforms specified in the Contest Summary, but you are responsible for using the platform services at your own risk. Each of the platforms has its own terms of use, which are unrelated to this contest, so please check them carefully.
- Entries must be live and publicly viewable on the Internet from the date of entry through the end of January 2022.
- For an interactive content, it can be either a captured video or a brief introduction video.

3. Please fill out the application form.

Entry Form

This form must be submitted by the creator who made, posted, and owns the work.


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