Application overview

  • part time job
  • Intern


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Job description

Editor development: Development of Live2D graphic editor using Kotlin / Java
SDK development: Live2D library development using C # / JavaScript / C / C ++, etc.
・ Development of Live2D related tools
・ Development of Live2D sample application (Smartphone application, VR, etc.)
・ AI / Deep Learning R & D
・ Other businesses related to the above development

Application conditions

< Mandatory requirements >
-Some programming experience.

< Welcome requirement >
Those who have the following experience
・ Kotlin, Java, C #, JavaScript, C, C ++,
・ OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, AfterEffects plug-in development
・ Unity, UnrealEngine
・ AI / deep learning
・ Game development, smartphone application development, embedded development
・ Graphic editor development, 3D / video technology development,
・ Project leader experience
・ Photoshop, AfterEffects, illustration drawing software, 3D production
・ English, Chinese, Korean
-Those who like anime, games and manga are welcome


Those who want to be involved in the planning and development of original technologies that aim at global standards

Employment status

Part-time job, intern
* Trial period 3 months (may be extended. There is no change in salary and treatment)


Hourly wage 1,200 yen ...
* In consideration of experience and ability, we will give preferential treatment according to our regulations.

Work location

東京都新宿区新宿1-20-2 小池ビル7F

google MAPはこちら >>




Working hours

More than 2 days a week, more than 4 hours a day consultation required

Full time
9: 30-18: 30
However, you can set the start time yourself between 9:30 and 10:30.
* In the case of full time, 9 hours from the start time (8 hours actual work, 1 hour break)
* 10: 30 ~ 18: 30 is set as working hours.


< 休日 >

< 休暇 >


< 福利厚生 >

< 別途手当 >
通勤手当(上限:1日2,500円 月40,000円)

Selection process

  • STEP1


    Please send your resume / job history (in the middle) from the entry form. The selection results will be notified by email at a later date. (It may take around 10 days to contact you)

  • STEP2

    Primary interview

    Interview with the assigned team leader or staff (1-2 people).
    * For new graduates, you will be required to participate in an internship after the first interview (about 1 month)

  • STEP3

    Secondary interview (new graduate recruitment only)

    A secondary interview will be conducted with our representative and HR, and possibly the assigned team leader. * If you are not a part-timer or a new graduate intern, this will not be done.

  • STEP4

    Pass / fail notification

    We will contact you by e-mail of the results.

It may vary depending on the selection process.

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