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Project Manager (Sales / Progress Management)

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Job description

This is a job to propose “Live2D” to corporations around the world and increase its value.
[What you want to leave]
In order to convey the value of Live2D more widely, we will conduct proposal sales mainly for corporations around the world.
We have a wide range of operations such as software, production, etc., and sometimes propose collaborative projects.
While conducting PDCA such as market research, sales strategy, and action based on KPI, you will be engaged in efforts to develop new customers and improve the satisfaction of existing customers.
In addition, the target is not limited to domestic, but we are also actively expanding overseas, so it is a very challenging task to spread Japanese software to the world.
In the future, we will establish a production system for original projects, so we welcome those who want to create content using Live2D based on new ideas.
[Details of business]
Mainly related to games and entertainment
・ New development / existing
・ Market research and analysis
・ Numeric management and actions such as KPI setting and PDCA
・ Service planning and management, etc.
・ Proposal of production projects, progress management

Application conditions

< Mandatory requirements >
Experience in the entertainment industry such as games and animations (any content is acceptable. 1 year or more)
Those who feel attractive about our vision and the future of Live2D
Ability to act proactively and to learn from scratch if there are missing points
< Welcome requirement >
Planning and operation experience of maiden games and social games
Experience in planning, production, and progress management of animation and entertainment content
IP merchant business experience
Language skill
Proposal sales experience (regardless of industry or product)
Middleware business experience
Experience creating contracts, etc.
Those who like to draw
Those who can handle graphic tools
Those who like entertainment content such as movies, games, anime, novels, and theater

Desired person

Welcome to those who are attracted to the future of Live2D and our vision

Employment status

Monthly salary of 300,000 yen
Includes estimated overtime of 35 hours (eg 62,776 yen for 300,000 yen per month).
* In consideration of experience and ability, we will give preferential treatment according to our regulations.


Monthly salary of 300,000 yen
Includes estimated overtime of 35 hours (eg 62,776 yen for 300,000 yen per month).

Work location

Koike Building 7F, 1-20-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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1 minute walk from Shinjuku Gyoemmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
6 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Sanchome Station on each line

Working hours

9: 30-18: 30
However, you can set the start time yourself between 9:30 and 10:30.
* In the case of full time, 9 hours from the start time (8 hours actual work, 1 hour break)
* 10: 30 ~ 18: 30 is set as working hours.


< 昇給・賞与 >
人事評価 1回/年
< 別途手当 >
家族手当 等
< 福利厚生 >


Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday)
public holiday
Paid leave (granted 10 days in the first year from half a year after joining the company)
Summer vacation (target person)
New Year holiday
Gyeonghui vacation
Maternity leave
Childcare / care leave (target person)

Retirement age

Available (60 years old) * Reemployed (up to 65 years old)

Selection process

  • STEP1


    Please send your resume / job history (in the middle) from the entry form. The selection results will be notified by email at a later date. (It may take around 10 days to contact you)

  • STEP2

    Primary interview

    Interview with the assigned team leader or staff (1-2 people).

  • STEP3

    Secondary interview

    A secondary interview will be conducted with our representative and HR, and possibly the assigned team leader.

  • STEP4

    Pass / fail notification

    We will contact you by e-mail of the results.

It may vary depending on the selection process.

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