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I want to become a person who can lead.

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Q1 What was your motivation for finding a job in Live2D?

R : I used to work as a proofreader and reviewer. It was not directly related to design and illustration as it is now, and was in charge of proofreading a wide range of media from books, flyers, advertisements, websites to restaurant menus.
Live2D was done within the scope of my hobby, but when I posted my work on SNS, there was a great response, and I began to receive requests for Live2D model production as a work little by little.
At that time, most of the requests were passively managed in the form of intermediary contractors, so I would like to work more actively on Live2D! I want to improve my Live2D skills more actively than just self-taught! That feeling has strengthened ...
At such a timing, I accidentally saw the information of the Live2D designer recruitment briefing at Live2D, and jumped in with momentum (laugh)
K : I attended the art and design course of the Faculty of Education at university. I also studied educational art, video and animation.
While I was in school, I knew the existence of Live2D with a game app and was very impressed with its visual expression .... Then I started to make Live2D as a hobby.
I was self-taught in how to use the software, so I didn't get the expression I wanted, and I messed it up many times.
Then, through Live2D, I started thinking that I want people to know the wonders of animation works and the fun of Live2D production. I decided to work for Live2D.

Q2 Please tell me about your business

R : We belong to the in-house Live2D designer team "Live2D Creative Studio". Basically, we are requested by other companies to produce Live2D models and motions for characters used in games and videos.
K : In other companies' projects, the specifications are determined when creating the Live2D model, so I felt that creating in line with that would be very different from the production of Live2D. Live2D production on a project may be difficult, but there are so many things to learn that I feel that it is improving my skills!
R : Outside of production projects, as the most familiar user of the product, we are working with the development group to propose new product features and improve the UI.

Q3 What is the moment when you feel rewarded?

K : This doesn't change before you get a job at the company, but when the illustrations move as you think, you'll be happy no matter how many times you experience it (laughs)
Also, I was very impressed that my seniors showed me that I was making a character model for the game I was playing!
Live2D is the joy of being involved in the work that I am familiar with in this way because I learned a lot about the structure of the character I was watching, what kind of ingenuity was being done, and learning. I think that's why I can feel it!
R : As a creator, when a work that you have created in pursuit of your own attention has been highly appreciated by clients and users, you feel rewarded from the bottom of your heart.
Recently, there are many cases where Live2D is used in the form of virtual YouTuber, and there are more opportunities to feel the user's live reaction to Live2D works through live streaming.
Thanks to the fact that so many Live2D works have become visible to the public, the eyes of the viewer who sees the work are naturally growing. That's why I'm very happy that recently I've come to see viewers who have noticed a small part of the production that I have packed in with my attention. )

Q4 Please tell us about the internal environment

R : I feel that the environment respects individuals.
There is a creative time system that can be used for production activities freely for 5 hours a week. Several people gather together to create self-produced animations, and work on illustrations and character movements.
Since each person can improve their skills while working on their favorite themes, I think that there isn't a great environment for creators.

Q5 Tell us about your future goals

R : Recently, while the technology called Live2D is spreading in various fields, the hurdles that users demand for Live2D are gradually increasing.
I would like to be involved in the work of creating works that will give new surprises and excitement to the eyes of such users.
Live2D will be used in a wider field than ever, including not only game apps and VTuber applications that have been the main focus of Live2D, but also video content production that we are currently working on company-wide. I want it to become a technology.
To that end, I would like to become a member of our studio as a Live2D professional who can lead the technology called Live2D.
K : Through the Live2D work I made, I want many people to know the wonders of creating an animation work and the fun of Live2D production!
This was the motivation for finding a job at Live2D, so this goal will not change for the time being.
I used to live in the countryside until I got a job here.
I was a little worried about getting a job in the city because there were few friends in the Kanto region, I didn't have any intuition, and I don't think there were many local people.
Still, when I got a job, there were people from various regions in the workplace, and I started playing games together with the staff who became friends, and narrowed by my own imagination The field of view that I had opened at once!
If you are so far away from work as I am, I am wondering if you will find a job ... If you are courageous, try to participate in recruitment briefings and internships!
I'm sure it will be a fun and fulfilling period, and we will do our best to support it!

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