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Live2D Cubism 4 has been officially released.

First major update in two years. A 42-day PRO trial + limited-time offerings!

On September 4th 2019, Live2D Inc. officially released Live2D Cubism 4, the most advanced version of Live2D Cubism. Users can now download Live2D Cubism 4 Editor with a 42-day PRO Trial and continue to use FREE version after the trial ends.

Today’s release includes Cubism 4 SDK, the software development kit for using Cubism 4 files for game development, as well as Cubism 4 AE Plugin for using Cubism 4 files in Adobe After Effects.

New features in Cubism 4

The Cubism 4 Editor comes with new video features that allow users to achieve the expressiveness of hand-drawn animation, including features, which enable users to edit models directly from the timeline, such as “Form Animation,” “Onion Skin,” “Frame Step,” and “Image Sequence Track.” In addition, using the “ArtPath” function, which allows the creation of lines within the Editor, enables users to express more freely with lines and truly to their illustrations.

The new Cubism 4 SDK will enable users to take advantage of the new “Extension Interpolation” feature. This enables users to perform not only linear interpolation between key forms, but also curve interpolation, allowing them to achieve more natural movement without compressing textures when creating swaying objects. The SDK also enables users to “Inverted Mask” using the clipping mask, letting users draw “carved out” expressions in real-time applications. Cubism 4 SDK supports Unity, Web, Android, iOS and other platforms for various game development projects ranging from smartphone apps to console games.

42-day PRO Trial available to those who already tried the previous version.

More powerful and easier than ever, Cubism 4 Editor is a great tool for beginners. Cubism 4 Editor comes with a 42-day PRO Trial, allowing users to try out its full capacity and seamlessly continue to use FREE version after the trial ends. The 42-day PRO Trial is available even to users who have already used the PRO Trial of the Cubism 3 Editor.

Current subscribers can upgrade now!

Customers who are currently on the Cubism PRO subscription plan will be able to use the latest version of the Cubism 4 Editor PRO with the same license key. They will also be able to use AE plug-ins and previous versions of the Cubism 3 Editor. Likewise, new customers will be able to access these tools.

* Please refer below to see the access levels your license key provides:

Limited-Time Offerings

To celebrate the release of Live2D Cubism 4, we have a series of offerings, including 40% discount (Annual Plan Pre-paid only). Please see below for details: ​ ​

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