Availble only for Live2D Cubism PRO for indie 3-Year Plane


Student Discount Program is now available to those without school emails!
Now you can apply with ISIC(International Student Identity Card).


Student Discount Program is now available to those without .EDU or AC.XX emails!
Please enter your email address to see if it’s eligible below.
If it’s not eligible, you will be directed to a request form.

Live2D offers the Live2D Student Discount Program for students and faculty.

※ Email addresses outside the eligible domain are not accepted.
※ Live2D Inc. reserves the right to update the list of eligible domains.
※ Only available for Live2D Cubism PRO for indie-3-Year Plan.
※ You can continue to use the software after graduation until the subscription term lasts.

[Please read before application] In order to use the Live2D Student Discount Program, the following conditions apply. ・You must meet the conditions of Live2D Student Discount Program.
・You must be a student or a faculty member with a valid school email address.
A school email address must include the top-level or second-level educational institutions' domains.
See the list of eligible domains in the Terms & Conditions.
Even if your email address does not contain eligible educational domains, your educational institution may be already included in the program. Please try to enter your email address to see if it's eligible. The coupon for this program will be valid only on Live2D Store/EN. Click here to see how to apply a coupon.

[For China Residents]

Please enter a valid email address
issued by your school / educational institution.
(Eligible domains only)

*Some educational institutions may have restrictions on inbound email reception.In such a case, please contact your educational institution.
*The domain name is "". Please set up your e-mail software so that it will not be blocked .
*If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder, as it may have been sent there.

We also accept International Student Identification Card (ISIC).
Please submit an application form here. Please note that it will take about 5 to 6 days to review your application.

For educational instutions, we offfer an Educational institution support program by leasing a free access to Cubism Editor PRO.