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Since its establishment in 2006, Live2D Co., Ltd. has been developing video technology "Live2D" with the aim of technologies used around the world and technologies that will remain in 100 years.

This “Live2D” technology that we have created with creators has been nurtured while valuing the spirit of enjoying manufacturing, without forgetting that we are one creator.

Many game expressions have already been adopted and highly praised both in Japan and overseas, but a new feature-length animated film project has started, and we were able to take a step closer to our ambition to win an Academy Award.

We will continue to devote ourselves to the dream of “draw as you want and move as you want”.



Company Profile

Company name Live2D Inc. (Live2D Inc.)
CEO Tetsuya Nakajo
Street address 1-20-2-7F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022 JAPAN
Establishment July 31, 2006
Business description ・ Development of Live2D related software and services
・ Live2D related graphics production
・ Production of feature-length animated films using Live2D
number of employees 70名(2021年2月22日時点)



Koike Building 7F, 1-20-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Access 1 minute walk from Shinjuku Gyoemmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line 6 minute walk from Shinjuku Sanchome Station on each line

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  • Original animation "Beyond Creation" using Live2D released for almost all of the main part
  • Live2D Cubism 4 officially released


  • Business capital tie-up with Aniplex Co., Ltd.
  • Started production of feature-length animated films
  • Marketplace “nizima” officially released


  • Live2D Cubism 3 officially released
  • Live2D Euclid officially released
  • Original short animation "The Lamp Man" won the Grand Prix at the 16th Indie Anime Festa


  • Live2D Cubism Editor PRO for indie license officially launched
  • Launch of Live2D Cubism Editor in four languages


  • Live2D Cubism 2.1 officially released
  • Coropla Co., Ltd. invested in the Company
  • Exhibited at SIGGRAPH ASIA
  • Moved to Shinjuku Shinjuku


  • Live2D Cubism officially released worldwide
  • Live2D Cubism is now available free of charge for indie creators
  • Live2D Creators Conference “alive” held for the first time
  • Changed company name from Cyber Noise Inc. to Live2D Inc.
  • Live2D Cubism 2.0 officially released
  • Announcing the development of Live2D Euclid


  • Live2D Cubism 1.0 officially released
  • Implemented third-party allotment
  • Awarded Grand Prix at CMT Awards sponsored by Uni Japan and supported by CMT2012
  • Technical cooperation in electronic publication of English version of “pepita” written by Takehiko Inoue


  • Live2D Cubismβ supports Unity, PS3, PS VITA, Nintendo 3DS, Windows8
  • Moved to Yotsuya, Shinjuku


  • Live2D adopted PSP game "My sister can't be so cute" released by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.


  • Obtained Grand Prix at Nakano-ku Digital Content Business Plan Contest
  • Jury Special Award at Tokyo Content Market (TCM)
  • Launch of Live2D Cubismβ Compatible with iOS, Android and PSP
  • Live2D iOS app “Barcode KANOJO” released from Cyberd Inc.


  • Win a VentureNow Business Contest
  • Released Live2D Vector version


  • Live2D Vector version announced, beta version available


  • Representative Director Tetsuya Nakajo certified as "Super Creator" by IPA


  • Founded Cyber Noise Inc. (former company name)
  • Adopted by IPA (Information Processing Promotion Organization)