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Live2D Cubism 5 リリース

Cubism 5.0 Easier to Use, Easier to Create.

Switch b/w dark & light theme

Now you have the option to select from two different color schemes, dark and light.

HiDPI display support

The UI automatically scales according to the user's OS display settings to avoid blurring.

[AI Function] Automatic generation of facial movements

Cubism's First AI Feature! AI-powered function that semi-automatically generates facial movements.

Enhanced accuracy in automatic Mesh generation

Experience Unprecedented Convenience with Enhanced Automatic Mesh Generation Accuracy!

Enhanced Blend Shape

Blend Shape can now be applied to all elements, including Rotation Deformer and Parts, and you can also employ Extension Interpolation with Blend Shape parameters.

MotionSync [Enhanced lip-syncing]

The lip sync functionality has been improved, and it now automatically generates mouth movements based on specified audio data.

Custom workspace

This feature allows users to create and save their own workspaces. Utilizing multiple displays is also an option, including the ability to float and transfer to a different screen.

Native support for Apple M-series

The macOS version's performance has been enhanced, delivering smooth and comfortable operation.

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